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Rustic, homemade goods. Clarrods Interior is a relatively new addition to Copenhagen’s fine collection of decor stores. Aged wood and iron, the cornerstones of good Scandinavian construction, add the «Scandi-edge» to their products; they look like they’d survive the winter. Ideally, the buyer designs their own furniture, as the store is capable of customized orders, but there are also ready-made pieces, smaller items, and even a few bicycles.

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The Big Drawback is that the store is [seriously] only open on Saturday, but convenience is sacrificed in favor of expert knowledge and guidance. If you’re looking for unique, competitively-priced furniture that’s both practical and fashionable (a rare thing), Clarrods is a good place to check out.

Welcome to the world of Clarrods Interior!

Established in 2012, our focus has continuously been on simple shapes and minimalistic silhouettes. The constellation of timeless design and raw discreet details is the foundation for Clarrods Interiors and most of our products are built in Denmark in combined qualities such as iron, wood and marble. Our essential and unique designs can easily stand alone or be integrated into any setting.

Please note that each product is handmade and as such there may be variance in wood, colour and finish.

We hope you enjoy our collection


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